Gedera Rape Investigation Completed

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 Gedera Rape Investigation Completed

< p>February 19, an indictment was filed against Barhat Abu Essa, a 22-year-old resident of Tel Sheva, who is suspected of raping a 30-year-old woman in her home.

DNA test results showed a complete match of DNA, found at the scene, with Abu Essa's DNA. Therefore, despite the denials of the suspect, who claims that he had nothing to do with what happened, he will be accused of rape with the use of threats.

minutes of horror: "I was afraid that he would kill me and my children – I gave up. My little son was crying because he wanted to be breastfed. I went to the kitchen and, hearing very strange noises in the house, I saw a black figure raising the shutter. I yelled, “Who is this?” and instead of running away, he attacked me.

The victim of the attack described how, at the first stage, she tried to confront the rapist and scream, trying to be heard someone: “I was helpless, there were three small children in the house. I tried to protect my little son as best I could. I fought with a man, the only thing he wanted was for me not to be able to see him".

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