Gaza calls for investigation of failed Islamic Jihad missile launches

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 Gaza calls for investigation of failed Islamic Jihad missile launches

Gaza residents are demanding an investigation into the rocket crashes in residential areas that claimed the lives of many people, including children. It is reported by Al-Monitor. Journalists visit Jabaliya where Islamic Jihad rocket exploded during recent hostilities. “On Saturday, the second day of the military operation, at 9 pm we were struck by the sound of a powerful explosion in a nearby street. My brothers and I rushed to see what happened. I saw how people tried to put out the fire with water, waiting for the arrival of firefighters and ambulances. I saw a 12-meter rocket that exploded,” said a local resident on condition of anonymity. According to him, everyone knows that it was an Islamic Jihad missile, but no one dares to talk about it, especially in the media, let alone name specific names. “There is no freedom of opinion and expression here. There is no respect for other people's points of view, and the one who lays on the “Islamic Jihad” responsible for the missiles that deviated from the course, is considered unpatriotic and an accomplice in Israeli crimes. Whoever they are, they will be arrested,” added the Jabaliya resident. He also noted that the next day, terrorist rockets hit the cemetery and killed five children there. “We are well aware of our fight against Israel and we are all for the Palestinian resistance, but we must confront this crime and demand an investigation as this is not the first time civilians have been hit by rockets,” he stressed.

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