Gaza bomber arrested for planting bomb on bus

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 Gaza bomber arrested for plotting bus bomb

The Shin Bet prevented a terrorist attack with an explosive device, which was intended to be carried out by a Gaza resident who received a work permit in Israel.

The suspect, 31-year-old Fathi Ziad Zakot, a resident of Rafah, was arrested about three weeks ago, and during the investigation it turned out that he was recruited by the Islamic Jihad organization; to carry out a terrorist attack on a bus line in the southern part of the country. An indictment was filed against him this morning.

Ziat was arrested on October 30 by the Shin Bet and the police. The results of the investigation showed that he had received training in explosives from an explosives expert in Gaza, and that after entering Israel, he actually began collecting materials to assemble an explosive device, and these were confiscated at the time of his arrest.

Information obtained during the investigation of Zakat indicates the existence of a terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip and that Jahad A'nam, a high-ranking member of the Islamic Jihad from Rafih, was planning the attack.

According to the indictment, Zakat accidentally met with an Islamic Jihad activist who suggested that he commit a terrorist attack on the territory of the State of Israel. At first he refused, but after a long conversation he agreed. Shortly thereafter, they met at the home of another Islamic Jihad activist, where Zakat explained that he did not have the knowledge to make the explosive device needed for a terrorist attack. After that, he met with the same operative again, and then received military training in the manufacture of explosive devices.

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