Gay Palestinian Arab Asylum in Israel Brutally Murdered in Hebron

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 Gay Palestinian Arab who was granted asylum in Israel was brutally murdered in Hebron

The body of Ahmad Abu Marihiya, a 25-year-old Palestinian Arab, was found yesterday in Hebron. The young man belonged to the gay community. On the territory of the Palestinian Authority, his life was in real danger, so two years ago he received asylum in Israel.

Abu Marahiya lived in the center of the country. Yesterday morning he left home and went to work in Tel Aviv. It is still unclear how he ended up in Hebron. His body was badly mutilated and his head was cut off. Palestinian social media has been flooded with videos of the massacre of Abu Marihia and the abuse of his body. The autonomy police launched an investigation and today arrested the suspect.

Member of the Knesset from the party “Labor” Ibtisam Maraana said that today about 100 Palestinian Arabs are seeking asylum in Israel due to persecution in the autonomy for their sexual orientation. Maraana believes that the Jewish state should help them and give them temporary asylum until a third country agrees to accept them. immigrated to Canada in recent years after passing medical tests. They were able to prove that they really have the right to asylum”, – said the deputy.

Dr. Margalit Lorber from the Veahawat Association said in an interview that the young man killed in Hebron was in the organization's clinic in Haifa a week ago. According to her, the young man was in a difficult moral condition.

The general director of the association, Naama Goldberg, said that “this is not an isolated case. Palestinian members of the LGBT community who come to Israel are between a rock and a hard place. They receive threats all the time. Now they are being sent videos of the massacre to scare them”.

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