Gastronomic preferences. Reindeer cutlets were prepared for Elizabeth II

Gastronomic preferences. Elizabeth II cooked venison cutlets

Among the dishes traditionally considered fast food, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain prefers hamburgers, said former Buckingham Palace chef Darren O & # 39; Grady, referred to by uk. The queen asks to serve hamburgers without a bun, he said.

O & # 39; Grady remembered how in Balmoral, the Queen's Scottish residence, a team of chefs prepared their own hamburgers. “The deer were shot, and we were making venison cutlets,” the chef said.

In general, the Queen of Great Britain avoids fast food, said O Grady. In particular, during his work, that is, for about 15 years, she was never served pizza at Buckingham Palace. Elizabeth II prefers classic French cuisine.

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