Gantz showed a map showing 10 Iranian missile systems in Syria

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 Gantz showed a map showing 10 Iranian missile systems in Syria

Defense Secretary Benny Gantz showed a map showing more than 10 different facilities at the Syrian Center for Scientific Research (CERS) in Masyaf, which Iran uses to produce advanced missiles and weapons for trusted representatives.

“As envisioned by Qasem Soleimani, Iran has turned CERS into a manufacturing facility for precision-guided missiles and medium-to-long-range weapons provided to Hezbollah.” and Iranian puppets. In other words, he became another Iranian front — factory of advanced strategic weapons. These facilities, especially the underground facility in Masyaf, pose a serious threat to the region and the State of Israel. Masyaf is specifically used for the production of modern missiles, — Gantz said at The Jerusalem Post's annual conference in New York on Monday.

Israel has been accused countless times of carrying out strikes against Syria as part of its interwar campaign to prevent Iran from entering the country and also to prevent Hezbollah from entering the country. receive weapons from the Islamic Republic.

From May to July, Israel stepped up its operations and launched dozens of strikes throughout the Middle East.

The Israeli Air Force has carried out repeated strikes on military targets in Masyafen in northwest Syria, the last of which was on August 25 and destroyed hundreds of surface-to-surface missiles. Iranian-made.

Targets hit by alleged Israeli strikes include structures that served as entrances to underground tunnels, surface-to-surface missile factories, manufacturing warehouses and adjacent buildings.< br />
“In addition to CERS, the Iranians are currently working to create a missile and military industry in Lebanon and Yemen. If this trend is not stopped, advanced Iranian enterprises producing weapons and spreading terror will appear in the region within a decade,” — Gantz said.

Despite the economic hardship faced by its own citizens, Iran is sending more than $1 billion to its trusted militant groups, including more than $500 million to Hezbollah. in Lebanon, hundreds of millions to the Houthis in Yemen, more than $100 million to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, as well as tens of millions of dollars to pro-Iranian militias in Iraq.

According to Gantz, “lifting sanctions on Iran will free up more than $100 billion. And no doubt it will allow them to double or triple their terrorist budget.” ;.

Gantz said that in order to counter Iranian aggression, “we must increase cooperation with regional partners” and “strengthen industrial and economic ties, followed by military cooperation under the auspices of CENTCOM.”< br />

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