Gang rape at a playground in Nahariya was a 'game'

 The Nahariya playground gang rape was a

Israeli media publish details of a rape at a children's playground in Nahariya a few weeks ago.

Four boys aged 13 -15 years old were arrested on suspicion of gang raping a girl.

The arrest occurred after the girl and her mother went to the police station and wrote a statement.

A police source told a reporter Israeli TV Channel 12: “As far as we understand, this was not rape. Otherwise, the boys would not have been released and indictments would have been filed very quickly. We've been investigating this case for a month now. We turned over all the stones. It's not all black and white here. That fact. that the boys were released from custody speaks for itself. We are not affected by demonstrations and pressure. We want to establish the truth”.

The accused allege that the victim lured them into playing a Minute in Heaven” and they “did only what she asked for.” The boys' lawyer is threatening to file a libel suit against the victim's mother and claims it is nothing more than a “sexual board game in which the boys granted a girl's wish”.

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