Gamers have spent over $ 180 billion on video games

Gamers have spent over $ 180 billion on video games

According to experts, in the outgoing 2021, gamers spent $ 180.3 billion on games, which is 1.4% more than last year and is a new absolute record.

The main reason for the growth was the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The calculations took into account the revenue from the sale of games (physical and digital), in-game purchases and subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass. The segment of mobile video games turned out to be the most prosperous one. In the past year, gamers spent $ 93.2 billion on them, increasing last year's figure by 7.3%. Console video games account for $ 50.4 billion (-6.6% year-on-year), and PC video games & mdash; $ 36.7 billion (-0.8%).

The total number of gamers has reached three billion, with 55% of them living in the Asia-Pacific region.

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