Gambling tourism: the best European countries for playing in a casino

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 Gambling tourism: the best countries in Europe to play in the casino

The choice of travel direction depends, first of all, on personal preferences.
Beach lovers will be happy to go to the sea coast, and fans of active tourism will most likely want to conquer new mountain peaks.
In addition, there is also a relatively new type of tourism – gambling tourism. As you might guess from the name, these are countries and destinations where gamblers can not only get to know a new country, but also play in the best casinos.
Gambling tourism appeared due to the fact that in some countries the gambling industry is much more developed. This is facilitated, first of all, by a balanced state policy that stimulates the development of the gambling market. In addition, in some countries, interest in gambling has more than one decade. The combination of these factors contributes to the rapid growth and prosperity of the gambling industry in the country.
It is believed that the most famous casinos are located in the United States, as well as in some Asian countries, however, there are also countries in Europe that attract gamblers. In addition, recently the European casino market has begun to develop rapidly. Below we have collected some popular countries for fans of gambling tourism.
The sphere of gambling in Estonia began to develop not so long ago, however, in a short period of time, Estonia has become one of the most attractive jurisdictions for both land-based casinos and online gambling sites. The legislation regulating the Estonian gambling market appeared in 2009 and since then new casinos and slot machine halls have been regularly appearing in the country, which operate in the legal field and provide revenues to the country's budget in the form of taxes and royalties.
Thanks Due to the progressive legislation in Estonia, many foreign operators have chosen to work in this country, and today gambling enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of entertainment, including the best slot machines in Europe.
Great BritainIn the UK, gambling is very popular among the population. Moreover, they can even be called part of British culture, especially when it comes to betting on sports such as football, tennis or equestrian sports. The British do not ignore the casinos either, which is why London is rightfully considered one of the main European capitals for gambling.
According to a recent study conducted by the UK Gambling Commission, every year the British spend about fifteen billion pounds gambling .
In addition, English tourists like to spend their holidays in Gibraltar. This offshore territory is located on the coast of Spain and is part of Britain, and it is here that one of the most popular gambling zones in Europe. The Gibraltar gambling license is highly valued not only in Europe, but all over the world, which is why many well-known land-based and online casinos are located here.
In general, thanks to the competent regulation of the gambling market, the UK receives significant income from gambling operators and is considered leading destinations for gambling tourism.
GermanyAccording to the latest research, the German gambling market generates an income of about five billion dollars a year. At the same time, according to German gambling legislation, about half of this amount goes to the country's budget. In general, the German gambling market can be compared to the UK in terms of development, and there are prestigious casinos in many large German cities.
Among tourists who prefer to spend their free time in the casino hall, the famous German resort of Baden-Baden is especially popular. Here you can not only enjoy beautiful views, but also improve your health, but also play in one of the most famous casinos in Europe – Casino Baden-Baden. This casino is part of a large spa complex, which also has a hotel and all the necessary infrastructure for a world-class holiday.
Monaco Speaking of the best places in Europe to play in a casino, it is impossible not to mention Monaco . Gambling – it is one of the leading sectors of the economy in this principality, and the casino halls in Monaco are considered among the most prestigious in the world. This Mecca of gambling has attracted the richest gamblers for many years, and every casino fan dreams of visiting the famous Monte Carlo Casino at least once.
These are just some of the popular gambling destinations in Europe that are worth visiting Attention. As we have said, the choice of travel direction largely depends on personal preferences.

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