Gamarjoba genatsvale, or Georgia with immersion

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 Gamarjoba genatsvale, or Georgia with immersion

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Georgia – special world, Georgian hospitality – legend, Georgian food – a delicacy, and Georgian wine – miracle! On February 21, you can experience the magic of all the best from Georgia in DeliVino– a unique wine shop and bar in Netanya.

What will you do if you get to a real Georgian feast? Firstly, of course, to eat and drink from the heart real Georgian wines and fantastic Georgian food, and secondly, to tune in to the most sincere atmosphere. To support it, it is worth learning a few words and expressions in the Georgian language, then the immersion in Georgia will be truly deep. So, a little Georgian lesson.

Let's start with the international and well-known “gamarjoba”, which means “hello”. Connoisseurs of Georgian are asked to pay attention to the fact that in this language the link “J” pronounced with one sound, just like the first “j” in Georgia.

 Gamarjoba genatsvale, or Georgia with immersion

Without a “thank you” not in Georgia, not in Israel, nowhere. “Thank you” in Georgian – “madloba”.

Politeness – the key to the start of a great feast and a great, strong, real Georgian friendship, so now let's learn how to be polite. We want to show how respectfully and with full disposition we treat a person, we say “batono”, which can, of course, be translated as “sir”. or “master”, but, in fact, much more. Well, «kalbatono»– “Madam”, “ma'am”.

We will finish with the word “genatsvale”. No one has yet been able to accurately translate it, so let's just focus on the fact that this word – concentration of admiration and love. A word associated with hospitable Georgia. The word used to describe Georgian restaurants around the world. The word – symbol of sympathy for the addressee. A word that is literally understood as: “When trouble comes to you, I will take it upon myself.” And most importantly – the word that begins almost every toast at the Georgian feast. In it – all of Georgia!

No wonder this word has become the name of one of the most famous Georgian wineries, whose wines, of course, can be tasted at the themed Georgian evening at Deli Vino.

 Gamarjoba genatsvale, or Georgia with immersion

All the best wines from Georgia, the assortment of which is truly large in Deli Vino, delicious Georgian food, incredible music performed by the Mandzili group and Georgian dances – all this awaits guests on February 21.

Come and get an unlimited glass of wine for 69 shekels, which will be replenished as needed throughout the evening. The pre-sale price of a glass is 69 shekels and 79 shekels before the event.

Tickets can be bought here:
Sign up! Tuesday, 21.02, the party starts at 20:00.
And don't say you haven't heard!

Center “Piano”, st. Natan Yonatan, 10, Ir Yamim, Netanya.

* Warning: Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.


photo Lyudmila Mamulat
photo Leah Geldman

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