Galkin told how Zelensky's presidency affected him

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 Galkin told how Zelensky's presidency affected him

Russian comedian Maxim Galkin, who moved to Israel with his family, admitted that Vladimir Zelensky's coming to power in Ukraine had an impact on his personal life in Russia.

During one of his concerts, the showman jokingly complained that they began to look askance at him in his homeland.

“It would seem. I, like many opposed the war, this is a normal state. Why did they dug in comnetak? And I'll tell you. They dug in recently. As soon as Zelensky became president, they began to look at me in a completely different way. I swear to you. I felt it. Like, “Are you a bitch going too?” Just like that, ", — joked Galkin.

He admitted that he never thought about going into politics, however, the more he said that he did not need it, “the more he was suspected.”< br />
During his speech, Galkin wished Ukraine to be whole and independent, recalling that from the very beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, he opposed the war.

“They believe that I received funds for his anti-war stance. That is, what I want is for Ukraine to be alive, whole, independent – It's only for money that you can wish for. That is, the fact that I want this from my heart does not occur to them, can you imagine. Well, such a perverted logic. Well, God bless them all. Well, not everyone, well, almost everyone”, — artist added.

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