Galkin ridiculed English Ivlieva in conversation with Jared Leto

Галкин высмеял английский Ивлеевой в разговоре с Джаредом Лето

Galkin ridiculed English Ivlieva in conversation with Jared Leto
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Fans leading also not happy with her pronunciation.

During the quarantine, celebrities from different countries to hold concerts live on Instagram, and sometimes just to communicate with fans. They randomly among those who write comments choose a person and call him.

24 Mar to please fans of decided American rock musician and actor Jared Leto. He called the Russian leading Nastia Ivlievu. The girl was shocked by his call, however, was not taken aback and began to speak in English. The blogger stated that she is the author of show and popular in their country.

– I invite you to my show after the end of the epidemic of the coronavirus, said Ivliev live.

The musician agreed and remembered I had filmed in the Russian show, which is Ivan Urgant. Conversation celebrity was short-lived. However, the pronunciation of Nastya provoked a storm of criticism from users of the network.

– “My level of English Nastya Evloeva”, “In my country I am popular. And he would not asked”, “Nastya, ran to the tutor,” commented followers Ivlievu.

Joined Hayter and Maxim Galkin. He wrote the English words in the Russian language.

– Nastya, Ken Yu tel Tu er gut friend Jared, Zet ay also veri popular may in the country. Maybe hee Kam villas in may castle sets. End veins hee nose, z may vayf of Pugachyova, Zen finally. Do note forget as EP old friends (“Anastasia, can you tell my good friend Jared that I also very much popular in the country. Maybe he’ll come to my castle? But if he finds out that my wife is Pugacheva, then do. Don’t forget us, your old friends” – ed.), – joked the comedian.

Anastasia in the program “heads and Tails” made it clear that she knows English at the primary level. Laid out in Instagram a conversation with Jared Leto leading once again reminded of this and laughed herself with: “London capital of great Britan fuck”.

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