Galina Hutchins' father: “Baldwin is partially to blame for the tragedy”

Galina Hutchins' father:

Galina Hutchins' father Anatoly Androsovich said that Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin is partially to blame for what happened on the set of the film Rust.
< Let us remind you that Galina Hutchina died after a shot made from a revolver that Baldwin was holding in his hand. According to the actor, he did not pull the trigger and the shot happened “spontaneously.” “I cannot understand Alec’s behavior. Why did he delete his tweets when it became clear that a shooting had taken place during the rehearsal? And why did he shoot during the preparation? A revolver is a pistol that does not fire until the trigger is pulled, and Alec is partially to blame for this shot, '' Anatoly Androsovich said in an interview with The Sun. Galina Hutchins' father does not believe Baldwin and believes that the actor fired a shot.

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