Gadi Eizenkot: We are going through the most serious period since the Yom Kippur War

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 Gadi Eizenkot: we are in the most serious period since the Yom Kippur War

Former IDF Chief of Staff MP Gadi Eizenkot of Mahane Mamlahti made an important statement at the Knesset Plenum today.

Eizenkot spoke against the backdrop of events in the security sector in the north of the country. He said that “The IDF is at a crossroads and we are currently going through one of the most serious security periods, in my opinion, since the Yom Kippur War. Not as intimidation, but as an understanding and assessment of reality based on intelligence and on reading reality, including in the Iranian, Palestinian and Lebanese arenas. During this period, it is not recommended to attack the IDF as a people's army.

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