Gadgets Lenovo was under threat: vulnerability can be used by anyone

Гаджеты Lenovo оказались под угрозой: уязвимостями может воспользоваться каждый

Gadgets Lenovo has discovered issues that may be a threat to any user

A number of vulnerabilities were discovered in “smart” Watch clock X (Watch Ten), which was announced last summer, the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo. It is noteworthy that this was stated by the head of the security company Checkmarx Erez Alon and not to the users gadget.

New from the Lenovo Corporation is equipped with six sensors that measure heart rate, blood pressure, gravity, and geomagnetic sensor, gyro and barometer.

Гаджеты Lenovo оказались под угрозой: уязвимостями может воспользоваться каждый

Erez Alon publicly stated that Watch X absolutely does not have any encryption. This causes the vulnerabilities of “smart” hours.

Such an oversight can lead to the fact that the device account is hacked, then the user’s personal data could fall into the hands of hackers. The representative of the company Checkmarx said that he effortlessly managed using the provided sample gadget to set your home address and take possession of all the data that was stored in the system of “smart” watches, as they are in this form. Also Alan noted that remotely on the watch it is possible to send requests via Bluetooth, set an alarm, turn off the device and take other actions.

Employees of the company Lenovo has acknowledged the existence of flaws, which led to the Watch X the vulnerability, and promised to eliminate them in the shortest possible time.

Гаджеты Lenovo оказались под угрозой: уязвимостями может воспользоваться каждый

Also earlier it was reported that the new error was the cause of complaints of users of devices range the Lenovo ThinkPad. The Lenovo forums and Reddit have begun to overwhelm the message about the dangers of the changes to the BIOS settings, that may be the cause of turning laptops into a “brick” – a complete failure.

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Users are faced with an unpleasant situation, when switched the option “BIOS support for Thunderbolt” or “Thunderbolt BIOS Assist” (depending on model), which caused cyclic reboot or no POST when turn on, which indicates the damage to the firmware of the UEFI BIOS.

Different attempts to “revive” the non-working laptop, such as replacing RAM, hard drive, removing CMOS battery, restart more than 50 times – no help. After visiting service cents affected users found that the only solution is to replace the motherboard, and it is not cheap, if the laptop is not on warranty.

Recall that Lenovo ThinkPad disappointed because of the dull illumination of the monitor and high prices.

As reported Politeka, it became known that Lenovo is losing ground, the company’s revenue stopped growing, will go to extreme measures.

Also Politeka wrote that Lenovo smartphones are under threat.

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