Gabriel Garko paparazzi with the new love: “I have a new boyfriend”

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Gabriel Garko paparazzi with the new love: “I have a new boyfriend”

Gabriel Garko is in love: the actor was paparazzi in the company of a man who does not seem to be a well-known face. The weekly photographed him with his new love New one, while the two strolled through the streets of Milan. The couple were surprised at the cafe table over breakfast for two and then on their way back to home.

Gabriel Garko in love, the confirmation of the relationship

The actor had already talked about his new love to very true, confirming the gossip that had been circulating for some time about him. “I’m not single – he revealed to Silvia Toffanin – I have a story recently, but it started very well both from the point of view temperamental that intellectual. He is 36 years old, he has nothing to do with my profession and he is not a model as someone wrote “.

After a brief relationship with Gaetano Salvi, Garko found the smile next to Matia, the mysterious man whose identity the actor has never revealed. On the other hand, now that the couple has been paparazzi together, the same Gabriel he seems to have no fear of showing himself happy and in love in the company of his partner, with whom he has great life plans. “I would like to be a father. I think I would be good“, He confessed to Silvia Toffanin.

Gabriel Garko, the desire for fatherhood

One year ago Gabriel Garko has decided to publicly come out during a guest at the GF Vip and today he couldn’t be more proud of his path: in a recent interview with FQMagazine the actor told of his courageous choice, which he never regretted.

“The day after insecurity and panic, I was terrified at the idea of ​​leaving the house and facing people’s gazes” confided the actor, “Indeed, perhaps the perception that the public had towards me has changed. Before I was perceived as a distant, unapproachable character, today they tell me ‘I respect you for the courage you had’ ”.

Now that he is happy and serene next to his partner, Garko he had reiterated that he wanted to fulfill all his wishes: “I am an extremely realistic person, but I am a lot with my head in the air. I would like a child. I’m seriously thinking about it ”.


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