Fuss after the Golden Calves ceremony: no women won

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Fuss after the Golden Calves ceremony: no women won

“The Calves are gender neutral and since then not a single woman or gender neutral actor has won an acting award,” tweeted Katja Herbers, known for films such as away from you and several American series. She also believes that the male/female categories may have been abolished a little too early. ‘As long as most and often the best roles are male roles, there is no real gender neutrality.’ Simon de Waal, screenwriter of Baantjer agrees: ‘If that is the case, it should have been left as it was.’

Comedian Yora Rienstra, also presenter of RamBam, believes that the organization of the Golden Calves should scratch their heads as a result of the results. On Twitter she calls for a separate party for the acting women. ‘Dear fantastic talented actresses from the Netherlands, shall we just set up our own gala? Because this is really too sad for words what is happening here now. Obviously nothing to the detriment of the talent of men, but the organization should be ashamed of itself.’ Actress Maryam Hassouni keeps it short and sweet. “That gender neutral suits men very well,” she writes on Instagram.

Writer Saskia Noort is also making herself heard. ‘Hurray for gender neutrality’, she writes in a newspaper article about the mostly male winners. Under her message, actor Huub Stapel, known from series such as Cops Rotterdam and movies like The elevator. ‘Exactly so .. thrice hurrah … pffff’, he writes.

During the awarding of the Golden Calves, all actor awards, ie for short films as well as feature films and series, went to male actors. The prizes are professional prizes and the winners are determined according to the so-called Academy model; colleagues themselves vote on who they think should win. The group of hundreds of voters consists of Golden Calf winners since 1981 in all categories, Dutch winners of top prizes in the international film circuit and members of the Dutch Academy For Film (DAFF).

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