Furore CES 2023: clothes for simulating impacts in games and a gadget that transmits smells

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 CES 2023 Furore: Game Impact Wear and Transmitting Gadget smells

OWO Skin
At CES 2023, the largest technology exhibition in the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the companies presented clothing that imitates bullet impact , stabbings and insect bites, and the other – a device that will allow you to smell the smells of movies and games.

OWO Skin – this is a special clothing that can imitate various types of blows and other effects on the character due to tactile feedback. The novelty is able to convey a bullet hit, a knife or fist hit, bleeding, insect bites, a dart hit, and so on – only about 30 options.

For simulation, electrical impulses are used. The system simulates the effect on 10 zones on the upper body, including the arms. The exposure level can be adjusted in the app available for Android, iOS and Windows.

OWO Skin is available in sizes from 2XS to 4XL. Each time you put it on, the system calibrates and can remember the user's parameters.
The novelties are made of elastic materials, and there is a battery for power, which lasts up to 8 hours. In this case, the connection to the gaming PC or console is via Bluetooth.

The company's website is already available to pre-order the short-sleeved version for $425, but a long-sleeved version is also promised soon.

Aromajoin< /strong>
The Japanese company Aromajoin brought a device called the Aroma Shooter Wearable to CES 2023. The technology allows to “digitize” flavors to add a "new communication channel". In other words, this system allows you to smell the events in a movie or video game.

The device consists of a fragrance cartridge and the atomizer itself. The gadget itself is wireless. Switching between scents is instantaneous.
The system can mix scents by itself. Users can program over a hundred scents to fire in the face as they watch a movie or play a game. You can also make aromatic “playlists”.

The cost of Aroma Shooter with 6 cartridges is $998. Prices for the cartridges themselves are $54.

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