Frustrated car enthusiast blows up his Tesla Model S

Disappointed car enthusiast blew up his Tesla Model S

Disappointed Finnish Tesla owner detonated his 2013 Model S after learning the cost of replacing the battery. The dealer asked for 20 thousand euros for replacing the battery.

Tuomas Katainen bought a used 2013 Tesla Model S and drove only 1.5 thousand kilometers on it, after which numerous errors began to appear on the dashboard and, ultimately As a result, the electric car refused to start.

At the dealership, where the car enthusiast turned, he was offered to replace the battery. Since the warranty period had expired, the repair price was 20 thousand euros.

Refusing expensive maintenance, Katainen took Tesla to an abandoned quarry, where, having put an inflatable doll with the face of Elon Musk behind the wheel, he blew up an electric car with dynamite …

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