Frostbite 5, 6, 7, 8 series: to watch online funny series with DZIDZIO

Відморожений 5, 6, 7, 8 серія: дивитись онлайн веселий серіал із DZIDZIO

Ukrainian TV series “Frostbitten” DZIDZIO with mega in the title role continues! The new series of the hilarious Comedy was released on the channel 1+1 on Tuesday, December 17. Look online than laugh fresh episodes!

The plot of the Comedy “Frostbite” Zzukv family decides to move to Kiev, so going to sell your house. And suddenly in an old refrigerator accidentally discover frozen Misha, who disappeared 23 years ago. During this time the main character hasn’t changed a bit, and since he’s stuck in the 90s, don’t know what happened in the world.

Complicating the situation further is the fact that Misha the documents belonged to a house in Cherry. Now Jzyka forced to live with eccentric “unfrozen relative” who is stuck brains, habits and habits in the “dashing” 90s. Find out how the story develops fun adventurer!

5 series

Andrew give music lessons. Mike tries to help Nicholas get a promotion at work, but suddenly the situation gets out of control. Kate tries to spin on television, so decides to go to the casting.

Watch online Comedy Frostbitten 5 series 17-12-2019:

6 series

Andrew asks Mike instead of dad to make him participate in school sports competitions. Mom is sad because of the loss of a notebook with grandma’s recipes and trying to restore them in other ways. Mike takes care of a teacher for physical education, but to no avail.

Watch online episode 6 Frostbite series 17-12-2019:

7 series

Family Zzukv goes into the forest. However, not everything goes according to plan. Katya is forced to make sacrifices and take the phone. Andrei and his father are fishing, while they do not delay the patrol. Kate falls into the trap, meanwhile, Michael and Oksana are on mushrooms and accidentally run into a wild boar.

Watch online video Frostbitten 7 series 17-12-2019:

8 series

Kate asks her brother to steal the log class to fix your grade in geography. The geography teacher is blackmailing children, but those in time give back. Oksana asks her husband to teach her how to drive a car, but he regrets it. Misha is in conflict with a new neighbor and it turns into a real war.

Watch online Comedy 8 Frostbite series from December 17:

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