From Zelensky told why he returned the citizenship Saakashvili

У Зеленского рассказали, почему вернули гражданство Саакашвили

The use of citizenship as a political whip is unacceptable, said Dmitry Razumkov.

The law in Ukraine should be the same for everyone, and the passport cannot be used as a political mechanism. This statement was made on may 28, adviser to Ukrainian President Dmitry Razumkov on channel 112 Ukraine, commenting on the return of the citizenship of Ukraine, Mikhail Saakashvili, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

In his opinion, everyone should be responsible for the crime and the offender must respond according to the laws of Ukraine.

Saakashvili said, it is ready to become Prime Minister of Ukraine

“Use a passport as certain mechanisms, not always related to real events, but more using as a political argument or a political whip, is unacceptable,” — said the adviser to the Vladimir Zelensky.

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