From Zelensky has prepared a bill on the referendum

У Зеленского подготовили законопроект о референдуме

Team Zelensky ready to submit a bill to referendum, said Stepanchuk.

In a team of Vladimir Zelensky has developed a set of bills, in particular, on the referendum.

About it on air of TV channel ICTV said the President’s representative in the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk, reports the online edition of the with reference for a New time.

“We will work and serve in the Parliament and other initiatives that have found support in the program of the President. It is… the question of impeachment of the President, the issue of Recalling MPs, which is now impossible to do is the question of a referendum,” he said.

Stepanchuk, noted that the President will propose a number of bills, among which the power to veto legislation of the people and “a large block of anti-corruption bills.”

Team Zelensky has launched the social project “Elevator”

Earlier, the head of the presidential Administration Andriy Bogdan admitted the possibility of holding a referendum concerning the conclusion of agreements with Russia about peace in the Donbas.

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