From Tomboy to lady season 4 6 release: watch online who left the show

Від пацанки до панянки 4 сезон 6 випуск: дивитись онлайн, хто покинув шоу

Came 6 release From Tomboy to lady 2020

Passion in the project “From Tomboy to lady 4” flare up in earnest. 6 the issue for the participants prepared new tests, which not all succeeded. Watch online the latest edition of the controversial show!

Each week, contestants of the reality show “From Tomboy to lady” trying to turn from ossified “Palanok” on the real lady. However, to change your behavior and habit “lost” is not so easy. As a result, each of the ether we say goodbye to one of the girls, which the new task was not able to do.

Watch online From Tomboy to lady 6 release from 23-03-2020

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A new week for eight participants “From Tomboy to lady” started with walking, which has suddenly become a test for #lost. Teachers pazenok divided into two teams and threw the next assignment which is to check whether they are indifferent to the misfortunes of others.

Each of the groups witnessed a street theft. Seeing the crime, the girls ran after the criminals, but what was their shock when two guys become the house edge and wanted to jump off the roof! And if some brats tried to save a thief, some have been indifferent to the problems of man.

But the new theme of the week was announced as love and caring for others. The task of teachers: to demonstrate that girls not callous heart, and they can take care of loved ones. But patankar drum integrity! Vladislav of logovenko told them that she is not engaged in charity. And Yulia Chigrinets fearfully awaited new tests, because it died long ago mother Theresa… But more girls struck the only condition week 6 – they had to perform tasks in teams. The captain was the first Bangdaand the other Boksera.

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And Ekaterina Vinogradova pleased #lost: each of them will be able to realize its cherished desire. The bandit dreams of a big bike, Rogovenko – to cuddle with a penguin, and Struha wants to be a hip-hop singer. But almost all brats sincerely asked for one thing: to return to School lady Eugene Mazur. However, reality is not a fairy tale, in which desires are embodied by the wave of a magic wand. For evaluation the participants had to eat live cockroaches, “swim” with maggots and make friends with the snakes! …

But the main goal for #of lost were taking care of the dogs! The girls had become eight puppies from a shelter life. However, not all liked to clean up after them, bathe them and feed them… worst of all was Alina Shevchenko, because she lost her small and furry friend!

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This is the final test from the School management lady was the most difficult for all the weeks of training. Patankar had to organize a charity auction to give away their puppies in good hands. However, it was not so easy! During the week participants so fond of “children” that with tears in their eyes gave them away to others…

Who will leave the project – we learn after the completion of the air!

Від пацанки до панянки 4 сезон 6 випуск: дивитись онлайн, хто покинув шоу

Tests for pazenok

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