from supermarket cashier to musical in the West End-

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from supermarket cashier to musical in the West End-

from Michele Farina

The dream came true of a 24-year-old English girl, who performed for her customers on the shelves during the pandemic: video on social media, contract for Heathers

Shards of healthy madness: from the aisles of a provincial supermarket to a stage in the West End, one of the temples of the world theater. From the routine 9-17 between the shelves of frozen foods to the magical evenings of Heathers the Musical, the show that in over a decade from Los Angeles traveled east via Off-Broadway to land in London, inspired by the 1989 film Heathers-Shards of Madness with Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. This is for not a Hollywood movie. This is the story of 24-year-old English Hannah Lowther, who until the other day and for the duration of the pandemic worked as a cashier in a Tesco supermarket in Reading, a sleepy town of 250,000 inhabitants between London and Bristol.

Just the advent of the coronavirus, clipping the wings of those who work in the theater or aspire to find a place in the world of entertainment, had convinced Hannah to remedy an occupation in a supply chain that never closed its doors during the pandemic, that of food. And so the anonymous Anna (not yet) of miracles every morning in recent months would fall out of bed dragging herself into the kitchen, as the queen of country Dolly Parton sings in the famous song 9 to 5, between a yawn and a stretch, without forgetting to gobble a cup of ambition.

been that cup of daily ambition, combined with the desire to overcome boredom and (we hope) also the desire to give a bit of lightheartedness to customers of the darkest times, to bring the unknown Anna from the aisles of Tesco to the virtual stage of TikTok. Her 9 to 5 cashier stories have been seen and reviewed by millions on social media. They gave her an audience and a reputation. At that point Anna of Reading took courage and sipped another cup of ambition at no cost: I sent some tapes to the theater without expecting anything special. And then you know how – he told the Bbc – I forgot.

Until last Saturday, when between one shift and another at the cashier he got a call from London. It was the proposal for a contract, the first major contract of his life. And not in a provincial club. The offer came directly from the West End, from the scouts who work for Heathers The Musical.

And so Anna the cashier will have the shoes and voice of New Wave Girl. But producers are also considering his candidacy for two more important roles. I started practice on Monday: I have to race because the debut is scheduled for November 25th. The big day is two weeks away. Miss Lowther has already gotten her slice of celebrity. He wants to do well, not obvious. An account spinning on TikTok singing between the shelves. Another performing live in front of a paying audience. But Anna of Reading Miracles lives this adventure for what it is: all a surprise. Who would have thought that she was going to the West End. Well, maybe her customers at the supermarket. There Bbc assures that Tesco already regrets it.

November 13, 2021 (change November 13, 2021 | 22:13)

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