“From Silence I Saw Light”

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I was amazed when I discovered the world of frequency medicine, realizing that the possibilities of frequencies are huge and can relieve pain and many other problems of the body. An interesting conversation with Adva Laser filled me with optimism, which I am sure you will not remain indifferent to – especially if you are interested in changes in your life.

Quantum physics has stunned the world and provided science with sensational discoveries. In this article, I want to show you an already existing niche that has emerged from the use of quantum physics, mathematics, subspace theory, fractal theory, and more.

So how can quantum physics improve health?

It may seem strange, but it turns out that quantum theory has found many applications over the years. Remember, quantum physics hit the world of science with shocking discoveries? Even a small part of her discoveries allows so much that it seems to remove all limits.

We invite you to get acquainted with the processes of healing through “Biofeedback – Frequency Medicine”!

This is not the first time I've come across the term “frequencies”, but this is the first time I've heard that it can be applied in the field of health. This happened after meeting Adva Laser, who has been working in this field for many years.

Adva Laser, 56, is a holistic therapist with 36 years of experience in many areas such as herbal therapy, Bach extracts, reflexology, aromatherapy, NLP and guided imagination practices, emotional nutrition, healing and more. All this is covered and united by the “world of frequencies”, on an amazing journey through which I invite you.

I am still surprised to learn from my conversations with Adva Laser that there are real testimonies of people who managed to get rid of pain in just a few sessions. These are difficult cases, people who have been suffering from pain, fatigue, weakness, difficulty concentrating and much more for many years are beginning to understand that everything can be very different. That pain and fatigue are no longer a sentence. An integrated approach to solving such cases allows you to move on to a completely different quality of life.

Imagine that it is possible to catch the onset of problems at a very early stage, when it seems to you that everything is in order, just a little tired, just not get enough sleep, age and…. All the usual excuses that we tell ourselves, allowing the beginning of painful processes…

– Adva, please tell us about the unique system.

– Already about 20 years ago, a very advanced and complex system was launched called: QUANTUM BIOFEEDBACK – Frequency Medicine. It was developed by scientists from various fields such as: mathematics, fractal theory and quantum physics, high technology. Everything in the Universe has an electronic signature, and everything in the Universe is a frequency. We are like electromagnets, and everything has a frequency, a kind of “fingerprint”. The whole system is based on electromagnetism, with the help of which a group of scientists managed to actually develop software and introduce into it a lot of frequencies of healthy and diseased organs, plants, Bach extracts, pathologies, pathogens and everything in general – even emotions, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals . In fact, everything that exists in our world is included in this very sophisticated software, which, first of all, performs complex preventive differential diagnostics.

We also check for adjustment or inconsistency of various components, including food components, by placing them on a special surface and writing the name of the component (whether it is a food or supplement with the name of the company/its manufacturer). Then we check if this component opens or closes certain meridians, i.e. whether the drug or component is suitable for the test or not. The greater the positive reaction, the more components can be safely used. I can also see the degree of adverse effect on the energy pathways, i.e. which energy pathways it blocks or interferes with.

This system, in addition to diagnosing what it absorbs, also transmits different frequencies in a three-minute test — 20,000 such frequencies for responsiveness on the part of the subject. In this way, I receive accurate information about my subject/patient's condition every time he comes to my clinic, including the first diagnostic appointment. There are various screens that give me information about the status of systems, organs, blockages and more. In addition, the system has a direction known as ELECTRO-ACUPUNCTURE (acupuncture without needles).

While the system releases the meridians (the “highway” for energy in the human body), obstacles or, as they are called, “stagnation”, it also connects physiological diagnostics, which includes many points, as well as emotional and mental state . Then she conducts a comprehensive treatment that includes all the diagnoses made in the same session. As a bonus this day, the system gives me another clue: heal with meridian balancing or with the other listed therapeutic tools. And that's just one screen.

The system also provides patient risk profile information.

In the risk profile, there is an area called: VIRTUAL PHYSICIAN which gives me, among other things, an indication that reflects the general positive and negative state of my patient and thus can warn in advance of unwanted complications. This opportunity alone can improve and preserve the quality of life.

Since the system reflects everything, it is important to emphasize that the emotional world is affected by the system and indeed absorbs the whole wide range of emotions from anxiety to joy. The system shows me the status of hormones, enzymes, amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, and more. All this and more in one universe-sized system.

Each patient is considered an open book for Adva Laser. Using the world of frequencies, Adva helps thousands of people using the most advanced version, which, as already mentioned, was launched in March 2020. On her website and Facebook page, you'll find amazing testimonials from many of her clients who have managed to get rid of pain, stress, and regain joy and fulfillment in their lives.

So, what are you waiting for?< br /> Sign up for professional diagnostics today, which will completely change your life!
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