From “mom” and “dad” to get rid of school documents: details of a new initiative

От "мам" и "пап" избавятся в школьных документах: подробности новой инициативы

Abolish the definition of “father” and “mother” on school papers

The deputies of the national Assembly of France established in the first reading the amendment to the law in accordance with which the definition of “father” and “mother” will be out of school forms of the state. About this informs Ouest – France.

Instead of these count will be used to denote “parent 1” or “parent 2”. As explained by the publication, the purpose of this change is “the adoption of family diversity” of students, namely, the conjugal unions in which the other partner of the same sex.

От "мам" и "пап" избавятся в школьных документах: подробности новой инициативы

The author of the initiative became Valerie Petit is the representative from the management of the party “Republic March”. She said that this can help to bring work documents in schools in relation to the functioning law about same-sex unions.

“There are families who get to meet up with the factors which fundamentally United with a number of obsolete social and family norms,” said her partner Jennifer de of Relationships.

The authorities of Paris even in spring 2018 from afar the order, in accordance with which when registration of civil status must indicate “parent 1” and “parent 2”.

We will remind, the Ukrainian Embassy in France urged the AFP to remake the map of the Crimea, published yesterday on the website

Thus, the publication shows which countries support the candidacy of the former or the new self-proclaimed President of Venezuela. And all anything, but the Crimea on the map shown with the same color as Russia, not Ukraine.

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От "мам" и "пап" избавятся в школьных документах: подробности новой инициативы

“Despite the numerous explanations clear and unequivocal position of the international community, some French media continue to make mistakes in the marking on the maps illegally annexed by Russia the Crimea”, — stated in the message.

Entry was posted on Facebook. Ukrainian diplomats persistently asked the author to remake the map.

“The chart shows the countries who support the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and the countries that recognized Juan, Guido interim President”, — noted in the caption to the wrong map

Earlier, the British publisher caught in a scandal over children’s cards of the Crimea. Usborne Publishing in their atlases call the Crimea a territory “contested by Ukraine and Russia.” About this on his page in Facebook wrote journalist Alexei Mustafin.

Recall that in France, conceived the division of the territories, there are first effects.

As reported Politeka, in “DNR” tried to hide the scandalous fact of life of a new leader.

Also Politeka wrote about Paris as you’ve never seen before: “poverty and homeless”.

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