From fog to snow: what will be the weather in Ukraine before the end of the week

Від туманів до снігу: якою буде погода в Україні до кінця тижня

Weather 6-8 December in Ukraine

Forecasters told what weather to expect in Ukraine from 6 to 8 December. Radical changes are not expected, but will increase the amount of precipitation and in some places rises the air temperature. Detailed forecast for a few days, read on.

According to ukrgidromettsentra in the period 6-8 December in Ukraine will prevail dry weather with ice and morning fog. Only residents of the Western regions should take care of the umbrella, because there will be slight rain on the weekend, in the meantime, in the Carpathian mountains with snow.

“In the next three days, mainly without any precipitations, only on 8 December in the Western areas of rain, in the Carpathian mountains of wet snow. On the roads, except the South, sometimes sleet; 6 Dec night and morning in the country of fogs”, – said the weatherman. Also it is expected the wind North-Western 5-10 m/s night temperature will fluctuate at the level of 0-6 frost, and the day – +2+7 in the South even to +8+10.


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