Frightening report: many animals and plants in the US may disappear

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 Frightening report: many animals and plants in the US may become extinct

In the US, 40% of animals and 34% of plants are threatened with complete extinction, and 41% of ecosystems are threatened with collapse.

This is the conclusion of researchers from a leading conservation research NatureServe groups.

Everything from crayfish and cacti to freshwater mussels and American species such as the Venus flytrap is endangered, according to the report.

The scientists also identified areas in the US where where animals and plants face the greatest threat. For example, the carnivorous Venus flytrap is only found in the wild in a few counties in North and South Carolina.

Nearly half of all cactus species are endangered, as are 200 species of trees , including maple oak growing in Arkansas.Among the eco systems, America's vast temperate and boreal grasslands are most at risk. In particular, more than half of the 78 grassland types are endangered range-wide.

California, Texas, and the southeastern United States have the largest percentage of plants, animals, and ecosystems at risk.

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