Friends 21, ongoing flirtation between Carola Puddu and Luigi Strangis? The doubts

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Friends 21, ongoing flirtation between Carola Puddu and Luigi Strangis? The doubts

Luigi Strangis e Carola Puddu they will become the first official couple in the school of Friends 21?

Already in the course of episode aired yesterday afternoon it was clearly understood that between the singer and the dancer there is an interest, not surprisingly after the challenge that Carola argued (and then won) against Dario Schirone, Luigi appeared agitated in view of the outcome and a specific request for Maria De Filippi has just confessed to strongly hope in the permanence of Carola, thus also sparking the curiosity of Raimondo Todaro e Alessandra Celentano who immediately wondered if there was ‘the mess’.

Over the course of the daytime just aired on Channel 5, we have witnessed the confessions of the Puddu, in crisis at the idea of ​​being able to start a relationship with Luigi. The dancer first confided in Tommaso Cesana and then with Flaza :

I don’t know yet (if I want to be with him ed), I’m in a phase like this… (…) I’m a bit shaken by this episode, what is there I don’t know either. Every time we talk about this my brain goes up in smoke, because my brain is occupied with only one thing, dance. The few relationships I have had because of dance have ended badly, and if there should be something it will end badly too, I tell you. I am married to dance, look, I also have the ring (…) He has a way of being that intrigues me but does not attract me, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like it, I have to talk to him. (…) This hype is too early, I have to think about the curtains, it was not in my plans ,,,

For love there is always time, do not despair!”He replied Flaza. We will see if in the next episodes we will be shown the comparison in Cottage between the two boys.


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