French tennis player: RF is the cause of all troubles

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 French tennis player: Russia is the cause of all troubles

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French tennis player Benoit Perou has criticized his Russian colleagues, saying that they and the entire Russian Federation are the cause of all the troubles in this sport.

He also opposed the decision of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) to deprive the Wimbledon tournament of ranking points after the removal of the representatives of the Russian Federation and Belarus from it.

“I feel sorry for Russia and the Russians, but they are the cause of all troubles. And all ATP players are paying the price. Medvedev will be number 1 in the world. This is absurd. In fact, we must take a stand in support of all the players in the world, and right now it is being done the other way around. There is a war going on in Russia, so there may be some sanctions. But ATP should protect the majority of players, not four or five players. All other athletes are actually in trouble because of this decision”, & ndash; said Peru.

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