French parking lots will be required to cover squares with solar panels

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 French car parks will be required to cover squares with solar panels

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From July 1, 2023, small car parks with a capacity of 80 to 400 cars will be required to install solar panels within 5 years. Larger car parks will have to be managed in three years – at least half of their total area must be covered by solar panels, writes Electrek. The changes will affect all parking lots – both those that will be built in the future and those that are already functioning.

The new law is part of French President Emmanuel Macron's ambitious plan to invest heavily in renewable energy. It is planned to increase the production of solar energy in the country by 10 times, as well as to double the capacity of onshore wind farms.

In parallel, France is discussing the possibility of building large solar farms in fields along highways and railways, as well as on agricultural land where possible. Thus, the National Railway Service of France plans to install about 190 thousand square meters. meters of solar panels at 156 stations across the country by 2025 and 1.1 million sq. meters by 2030.

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