Freimut ready to leave the TV for this: In my life, new feelings

Фреймут готова покинуть телевидение ради этого: В моей жизни новые чувства

Star screens, of which all are remembered for their audits of food establishments, over to the writer

Well-known Ukrainian TV host Olga freymut presented the book “About love”, says Know.Sa.

This is a collection of short stories about love from 12 world classics of literature (A. Christie, O. Wilde, O. Henry, F. Ranevskaya, A. Chekhov and others) and 12 essays from the Oli. The book, of course, in the Ukrainian language, but Russian classics TV presenter left in the original.

“About love original — and not only to the Beloved. But to the Child. For The Motherland. To God. To Yourself. I specially collected and little known works of famous writers, which at the time confused and even changed me. “About love” is my picture on the passport,” says freimuth in the Preface.

Фреймут готова покинуть телевидение ради этого: В моей жизни новые чувства

“This is a book that I made 2 years. We thought, how can it apply to it was like no one else, she explains. — There are a lot of anthologies, collections, but this book is unique, so the world is no more. Why? Because here I boldly twisted his works, 12 essays, with those who are selfish like me.”

— Olga, how is Kagan Jean? I think to continue his story, because he is so optimistic that he did not want to let go?

Фреймут готова покинуть телевидение ради этого: В моей жизни новые чувства

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Show business

— Thank you! Kajana Jean is waiting for the resurrection. We are now preparing a new edition of this book, because the previous long been completely sold out. This is the same book as you read it, but with the other pictures. I wanted to brag and took a very expensive paper I wanted was matte pages in European books. But it so happened that we did not have printing machines that could carry out my dream, and Kagan Jean turned out not quite as I imagined. But we found the machines that print us “Kajana Jean” in the more prominent image. With the new year, this book will be sold in a new form.

— It will look the same?

— Yes, it will be the same. And Kagan Jean speaks German. Our book ordered Germany, and it has already been translated into German. It is very symbolic, because I’m ethnic German, and I am very proud that my Kagan Jean will live in children in Germany.

— A continuation will be?

Is a very good story. Approached me even theatergoers to make a child’s play. But due to the fact that I haven’t had the chance to sit down and really do it, I put this idea on pause. The continuation should be, because it’s a good theme for the animated series, for serial books. And have a way to go, because Kajana Jean good family friends.

— Yes, he’s so cool that it makes you want to hug.

True, it makes you want to hug. I want to do and Souvenirs with Karanam Jean. We have also used the bat to dislike, as a dislike of all unformatted. And it’s very important to life story of Jean Kajana formed. Think it will sell copies, then take the continuation of this story but with other characters, as they are worthy to come to the fore.

Also next year we will finish the book “Where she eats and is sleeping with whom Freimut”. It all has sold 10 000 copies, and this is the only official edition. I know that on the black market sold. The time has therefore come to Supplement this book. Because in my life, new feelings, my husband, and we have to tell people. So the book will be rewritten.

In the book “About love”, what’s the story special for you?

— I like detective story, “Neighbor” and “Athos”. These are two opposite in meaning of the story. One is a description of the soul, the second is a very funny detective.

Фреймут готова покинуть телевидение ради этого: В моей жизни новые чувства

— You are such a Energizer that you probably have a new note for a new book?

— Yes, I already have a lot of essays that are waiting for a new book. I always wanted to write. I even want to say that on television, I happened to be. I have not had to be, because I always wrote. This is something that I love. Perhaps this is not a commercial thing, because writing now is expensive. Virginia Woolf there is a quote (you will read in the book): “in Order to write, women must have their own room and money.” I have a private room, I have my own money, I can afford to write, and Virginia Woolf would be proud of me.

— You said that on TV by accident. Don’t tell me what you want to say goodbye.

No, I don’t want to say goodbye. I’m just saying that TV, I have not had such a sense of life as literature. When I was in life good, bad, emotionally, I was always writing — taking notes wherever I was. Even survived my children’s notebooks. They, of course, created in a naive style (smiles).

— The audience love you and miss you. So when do we see you in the shot?

— Sure to see. I just want to show up in decent projects that I can’t keep everything. Today I want to talk more about books. But as for television, I can say — don’t worry, I’ll be there, too. Without television, and without literature, I can not live.

Recall freimuth openly talked about the road to success.

As reported Politeka, Freimut shared the secret of the manipulation.

Also Politeka wrote that the popular Ukrainian channel under threat of closure.

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