“Freedom Flotilla” will leave Europe for Gaza to break the blockade

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Members of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition met in London to plan the next flotilla from Europe to Gaza, due next year in an attempt to break the naval blockade imposed on Gaza.< br />
According to the coalition, the meeting was sponsored by the Palestinian Forum in the UK. It was attended by representatives of the international coalition from several European countries, including New Zealand, Malaysia, Turkey, Canada, the United States and South Africa. The International Committee to Lift the Siege of Gaza was also present.

“Our goal remains to uphold the human rights of all Palestinians. In particular, freedom of movement within historical Palestine and the right to return”, — wrote the group on their official website, announcing their next fleet.

"This work includes amplifying the Palestinian voice… While some of our partner organizations are actively involved in important programs to address the most pressing needs of Palestinian children affected by the blockade and the bloody Israeli attacks on Gaza, we recognize that a lasting solution requires an end to the blockade.

The Freedom Flotilla coalition, formed in 2010, claims to be “a people-to-people solidarity movement made up of campaigns and initiatives from around the world working together to end the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza,” says its website.

The coalition is also said to be anti-blockade and “guided by the principles of non-violence and non-violent resistance.”

The Freedom Flotilla website has a link that sends readers to its research and information about past flotillas and lawsuits against the Israeli government.

In 10 years, 16 flotillas have been sent to Gaza, of which only eight reached the coastal enclave in 2008. Israel began blocking the arrival of flotillas in 2009.

In May 2010, after numerous warnings, the IDF navy intercepted six flotillas bound for Gaza. The flotilla was sponsored by the Gaza Freedom Movement (FDM), several European Palestinian solidarity organizations and Insani Yardim Vakfi (IHH) and an Istanbul-based Islamic charitable foundation with ties to Hamas.

Members of one of the flotillas, Mavi Mamara, attacked the IDF with weapons. members of the flotilla were killed and a dozen more wounded.
Seven Israeli soldiers were also wounded during the attack. The remaining five ships of the flotilla did not participate in hostilities with the IDF. Instead, they sailed to the port of Ashdod and were deported back to their countries.

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