Free music downloads – when is it appropriate?

Free music download & mdash; when is it appropriate?

Many people, including performers, are concerned that often Internet users download songs and even entire singles and albums for free, neglecting official purchases. There are even calls on the Web to ban such sites.

Does this make sense and how serious is it?

 Download free music & mdash; when is it appropriate?

The fact is that sites of this kind offer to download a song for free only for informational purposes. The essence is simple & mdash; you go in and see new tracks from popular artists that you have not yet heard. You may naturally have doubts about whether it is worth buying the whole album, spending money, not being sure how good it is. And downloading a single song will sometimes help to resolve all doubts. On these sites, you can listen to new items and choose your favorite songs and artists, thus forming your own playlist and list of tracks for purchase on official music services. This way you will not miss anything new in the music industry around the world. You can go to the page of such a site, find the desired artist in the search and listen to his work. If you are interested, but it is too early to draw a conclusion & mdash; download music for informational purposes, so that later, having made a decision, buy the official version and pay for the musician's labor and his intellectual property. Buying an official music release of an artist on the service will allow you to legally listen to it, as well as, in compliance with a number of legal requirements and the necessary notifications of the official representative of the musical group and the solution of a number of issues & mdash; use for other purposes. For example, as a musical accompaniment for individual videos, in presentations, as background music at various events. Buying an artist's release on physical media will also be nice – & mdash; material confirmation of the purchased piece of music will remain with the owner forever, will be a pleasant memory, will decorate the shelf with other purchased music albums. And if many musicians refused to release their releases in CD format, then releasing albums and singles on vinyl again became relevant. Records of contemporary artists become collectibles, are expensive and their price increases every year among music lovers who collect vinyl.

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