François Hollande, the ex-president, who “remains attentive to everything”

The ex-president is back on the decisions taken in the evening of the 13 November 2015. 130 people have lost their lives.


François Hollande gave his first televised interview since his departure from the Élysée palace in may last. Sunday, on France 2, six months after the election of Emmanuel Macron, the former head of the State said that it remained on alert on what is happening in France. “I regained my freedom of movement ? Not really, the security still weighs. The freedom of speech ? Not yet. The freedom to dispose of my time ? Yes, ” and said of his new life, François Hollande. “As president there is an emergency pressure and a forced agenda. Today, I have less pressure and more stress, ” he explained. Before adding : “but I remain attentive to everything “.

On Monday, François Hollande will be at the side of Emmanuel Macron and Anne Hidalgo to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks on the 13 November 2015. An evening of history of the quinquennium, on which he returned to France 2. “At the Stade de France, when slam the first shot, we do not know if that is an attack. It takes a second to have the certainty that it is a terrorist attack. At half-time, I learn about what’s happening outside the stadium and, previously, on the terraces and at the Bataclan “, remembers the former president of the Republic. “It is said that we are on a major operation. All my attention is not to create a panic in the stadium and I give the instruction not to move, nobody is suggesting that we have a risk to the public. We have this moment, in making this decision to stay, saved, surely lives, ” he says.

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The “responsibility” of a president

François Hollande then went to the Bataclan where the assault has been given. “I didn’t come home, because I considered that it was not my place, but that of the caregiver […], but I was at the door at the Bataclan, and I’ve seen come out of women, men, bleary-eyed, I saw the distress, the fear, the relief […], these are images that do not fade ever, the responsibility that would be mine : to ensure national cohesion, and to decide on intervention in Syria and Iraq “.

The ex-head of State was interviewed with Caroline Langlade, survivor, the Bataclan, the founder of the association of assistance to the victims Life for Paris, which has just published emergency Exits at Robert Laffont to denounce the “invisible wounds” of the survivors.

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