France introduces energy saving rules for stores

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 France introduces energy saving rules for stores

Shops in France will be required to close doors when air-conditioned and limit neon lighting to reduce energy waste.

These rules, which are already in place in some areas, will be rolled out across France , Minister for Environmental Transformation Agnes Pannier-Runachet told the Journal du Dimanche.

The cost of energy in Europe has risen sharply since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Shops will be fined if these rules are violated. up to 750 euros.

The French Ministry of the Environment is expected to issue two decrees on energy waste in the coming days.

The first will expand the ban on illuminated advertising at night, regardless of the size of a city.

The second will ban shops from opening their doors, Air conditioning and heating are still on.

The ban on neon signs is already in place in areas with fewer than 800,000 inhabitants. Airports and train stations are exempt from these requirements.

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