France have named a new condition for the ascent of the Mont Blanc

Во Франции назвали новое условие для восхождения на Монблан

The authorities want to avoid the crowds.

The French authorities banned the climbers to climb the Mont Blanc if they have not booked a room in one of the shelters on the slopes of the highest peaks of Europe, in the framework of security measures, overcrowding, reports the with reference on the European truth.

The Alpine peaks attracts nearly 25,000 climbers each year, but the daily crowds have caused clashes between people and increase the number of illegal campsites.

Starting Saturday, people who hope to climb the mountain figure of 4,810 meters on the standard route, should book a room in one of the three shelters, if the ascent includes an overnight stay.

Fifteen climbers have died on Mont Blanc during last year’s climbing season, which prompted officials to begin to limit access to the most popular route amid concerns about overcrowding and landslides.

Threats to the caretakers of the shelters, as well as bad conditions due to overcrowding led the authorities Ob to reveal about the new rules, which will operate until the end of the climbing season in September.

Climbers caught on a route, you risk two years in prison and a fine of 300 000 euros.

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New rules introduced on Mont Blanc amid a sharp increase in deaths on Everest. There’s a large queue has already killed nine people.

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