France decided in what form will restore Notre Dame

Во Франции решили, в каком виде будут восстанавливать Нотр-Дам

The French Senate adopted the bill on the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral. The document says that the burnt Notre Dame need to be restored in the form in which attraction had before the fire. In particular, the Senate decided that in the course of restoration works of the Cathedral’s spire should be the same as his in the XIX century was created by eugène violle-Le-Duc. All modern materials used for the restoration of the Cathedral should also be agreed, reports the with reference on the most Important.

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“La Couronne Divine” @yuriytitarev Our proposal for the restoration of the Cathedral of Notre Dame is to use a single element that has the best stained glass (vitrail). The greatest Gothic feature, using materials of the latest technology. All the cover is made in stained glass, including the tower, with transparency to the inner side, through the opening of the vaults, leaving only the structures of flying buttresses. In Gothic the stained glass signifies the connection of the earth to the sky, and inside the cathedral the natural illumination multiplies in colors through the colorful stained glass filter. At night, the interior lighting becomes a grand backlit cover. A single element used stained glass. No new architectural features, elements no intervention (redesign), no ego, no artistic aspirations. The material specified for this stained glass is made of a high-tech glass produced by a renowned and traditional French factory. The glasses have sun protection without changing the desired aesthetic. The windows offer greater thermal comfort inside the Cathedral, greater natural light, reduces external noise makes the internal environment quieteproject #lacouronnedivine @notredamedeparis @pontifex_es @alexandre_fantozzi @carvalho.juf @aj6studio @architizer @adesignersmind @architecture_hunter @designboom @wallpapermag @archdaily @architecturenow @archello @notredame @saintgobaingroup @saintgobainbrasil @saintgobainglassbrasil @lilysafra @editoramonolito @carolinedemaigret @antoniospadaro @parisfutur @wazou_75 @seemyparis @vivreparis @labnf @vogueparis @glamurama @joycepascowitch @gnt @ad_magazine @thecoolhunter_ @time @babaktafreshi @designmilk @artbasel @artsytecture @instadaconexao @fernandoguerra @parisenespanol #notredame #notredameparis #paris#france #aj6 #aj6studio #morewithless #maiscommenos #vitral #stainedglass #vitrail #arquitetura #architecture #architettura #saintgobain #saintgobainbr #glass #verre #lilysafra #restauration #notredesign #restoration #fantozzi – #design #designer #iluminationdesign #stainedglasswindows #manhattanconexion #parisjetaime

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The restoration of Notre Dame — a controversial issue in the political circles of France. The decision of the Senate is contrary to the opinion of the French government — it has announced plans to hold an international architectural competition, which would help to gather ideas, including bold and creative, for the restoration of the Cathedral. The Prime Minister of France édouard Philippe stated that it was interesting “modern approach” to the restoration of Notre Dame. The President of France Emmanuel macron has also previously called for a “creative reconstruction”, which would make the Council “more beautiful”. However, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo said that leans towards reconstruction in the form in which the Cathedral had before the fire, and called his position on this issue “conservative.”

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It’s a tragedy. Nothing would ever return over 850 years of beauty, but its time to reborn Notre-dame. In gothic times builders try to reach the sky, Le Duc tryed it also in 19century and have came closer. Now its possible to make it happen. Lightweight crown that connect heaven with earth. #notredame #notredameparis #architecture #archdaily #design #paris #notredamevision #architecturedaily #architecturestudent #architectureporn #architecture_hunter #dezeen #renovation #vision #dwell #architecturalrecord #evolo #archis #domus #azure #metropolis #designboom #architecturaldigest #architecturelab #landscape

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Spire me back #notredame #notredamecathedral #buildthesame

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Some say that we should rebuild the spire as it was originally. Others say that we should design a new one. So, let’s build a new one as it was… 8 days ago. #designbymathieulehanneur #notredame #permanentflame

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Dozens of artists, designers and architects around the world had to offer their ideas for how to modernize Notre-Dame. Some have suggested that it is possible to make the whole roof glass, or place it on the “green space” in urban garden and even a swimming pool. The artists also proposed a variety of experimental options for the spire of the Cathedral.

In Paris I want to rename the place where he died Princess Diana

The bill requires that the rehabilitation work will be completed by 2024 — this time in Paris will host the Olympic games. The solution meets the Makron plans to restore Notre-Dame in five years. However, experts say that you may need much more time to fully restore the Cathedral of Notre-Dame — 10-15 years. The fire in Notre Dame began the evening of April 15 and lasted for almost 15 hours. Completely destroyed the spire of the Cathedral, were destroyed a large part of the roof and collapsed part of the roof, but firefighters managed to save the stained glass Windows, towers, and the most important relics from the interior.

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