France charges 12 suspects in attempted assassination of Macron

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 France charges 12 suspects in attempt to assassinate Macron

France's National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor's Office has filed a 2018 assassination case against President Emmanuel Macron involving 11 men and a woman. This was reported by AFP, citing sources.

The defendants in the case, aged 22 to 62, were charged with “planning violent actions.” in relation to Macron.

The prosecutor's office claims that they were part of the right-wing radical group Les Barjols (“Mad Men”) – it was created shortly after Macron's victory in the 2017 presidential election.

In conversations intercepted by law enforcement, the defendants discuss the idea of ​​attacking the French president with a ceramic knife that would not be detected by metal detectors. A knife and a Bible were found in the car of one of them.

The police decided to intervene when they located one of the gang members – a pensioner who lived in the area that Emmanuel Macron was supposed to visit in November 2018. Several participants were detained at the same time.

Since that time, the investigation into the case has lasted almost four years. At first, 14 people appeared in it, later the charges were dropped from two of them.

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