France 24 fires Palestinian journalist for anti-Semitism and incitement

News » Incidents France 24 fired Palestinian journalist for anti-Semitism and incitement

France 24 suspended prominent Palestinian journalist Layla Odeh and announced a decision to open an investigation on Monday into her stance on Israeli- the Palestinian conflict. The journalist was accused of incitement and anti-Semitism due to social media posts that Aude shared on her personal accounts.

France 24 banned the journalist from using terms in her posts, such as “martyr&rdquo ; regarding Palestinians killed by Israeli forces. Odeh also used the phrase “lands of 1948” when referring to British Mandate Palestine before the creation of Israel. The channel considers this position to be contrary to its media policy regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

A large-scale campaign in support of the disgraced author was launched on social networks, where Arab journalists and human rights activists called for Odeh to defend and condemned France's decision 24 fire her. Some even called for a boycott of the company.

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