Four signs that you’re married, but really you have no husband

Four signs that you’re married, but you really don’t have a husband.

Чотири ознаки, що ти заміжня, але насправді у тебе немає чоловіка

You can be a wife, but that doesn’t mean that you have people, reports Rus.Media. After the wedding, you probably thought it was the beginning of your happy life. But perhaps forgot your fiancé. Here are four signs that you’re married, but you really don’t have a husband:

He doesn’t come home

If he doesn’t come home at night, you have no husband. Can’t be in a relationship with someone there. Maybe he’s too often out with friends late and remains in them. If he allows himself to go somewhere without telling you. Even if it is just left to the parents. And so bad that he didn’t tell you about it. Worse, what he considers normal is missing and spend most of his time with you.

He’s too busy for you

Your partner is too busy with other things that it deems more important than you. Maybe he has addiction: or any substances, or from work. Or maybe he became obsessed with some Hobbies: sports, video games or something. What he has devoted his time and attention, he’s not focused on you and your family. So he is not the man who swore to be at the wedding.

It is not true

A man who shares themselves with others physically and emotionally, may not be your real husband. Some partners unable to hide his infidelity under excessive love. May he bathe you, to remove your suspicion. But if he does, then you are not his priority. If he’s lying to you, it’s insulting and unfair.

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He doesn’t love you

Horrible to feel that your partner doesn’t love you. If he’s not talking and not showing you his feelings, he can’t be a good husband. Of course, this may be his problem, maybe he just does not know how to Express what she feels. But if he doesn’t want to learn it, when it’s your language of love is what you need to feel loved, then your man won’t be present.

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