Four ISIS militants killed in Iraq

News » Incidents Four ISIS militants killed in Iraq

During a special operation in western Iraq, four ISIS militants were eliminated. This is stated in the statement of the Iraqi Armed Forces.

The special operation was carried out in Anbar province. Based on intelligence data, the security forces found militants in the desert region and entered into battle with them.

“The security forces destroyed the car used by the ISIS militants and seized another vehicle”, –

It is noted that ISIS fighters are still active in the large desert of Anbaru, which lies on the border of Iraq with Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.< /p>

“In an attempt to regroup again, militants infiltrate Iraq from Syria across a nearly 600-kilometer border,” – say Iraqi military.

Over the past months, local security forces have carried out several operations against extremists. The security situation in Iraq has improved since the defeat of ISIS in 2017. However, the supporters of the group spread out in cities, deserts and mountainous regions, arranging guerrilla attacks on military and civilians.

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