Four gunshots in one day in northern Arab city – two people killed

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 Four firearms in one day in northern Arab city - two people killed

A 28-year-old man was shot dead in his car while feeding his daughter. It was the second gun homicide in Baan on Friday.

Arriving medics found Ali Hasarma bleeding in his car. He died while being transported to the Galilee Medical Center in nearby Nahariya.
< br /> A police source told Channel 12 that a dispute between feuding families was the cause of the incident. An investigation has begun.

“It's a street war. The authorities don't control anything here, and the police won't even enter the village,” — said a resident of Baan.

According to the Abraham Initiatives, Hasarma has become the 49th murder victim among the Arab or Druze population of Israel since the beginning of 2022. This year, the numbers threaten to equal or even surpass the record bloodshed of 2021.

Shortly after Khasarma was killed, another man was taken to the same hospital in Nahariya in serious condition with a gunshot wound.

Bian's brother was shot dead earlier Friday Kablan, former mayor of the Druze city of Upper Galilee. Bassam Kablan died on the spot and his staff member was wounded.

The incident took place six years after Kablan's other brother, Hussein, was also brutally murdered.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a surge in killings in Arab communities, which have been swept by a wave of violence in recent years.
Many blame the police for failing to crack down on powerful criminal organizations and largely ignoring the violence, which includes family feuds, mafia turf wars and violence against women.

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