Four children drowned while bathing in the bathroom: terrible details of the tragedy

Четырехлетний ребенок захлебнулся во время купания в ванной: подробности жуткой трагедии

A terrible death had overtaken four-year-old child drowned in a bathtub, everything points to involvement in the death of his mother

According to Israeli radio, on Tuesday, in the hospital “Soroka” in beer-Sheva died baby of four, who on Monday, February 11, drowned while bathing in the tub.

Четырехлетний ребенок захлебнулся во время купания в ванной: подробности жуткой трагедии

Child paramedics were taken to the hospital in such critical condition that doctors ‘ efforts, unfortunately, a positive outcome has brought. The baby died.

It became known that the boy’s mother has Israeli citizenship and is a citizen of Ukraine.

The tragedy occurred in Eilat. In fact, law enforcement officers immediately detained the woman.

Before trial, the Ukrainian was forced to talk with a psychiatrist, who said that “the mental condition of the woman calling out the alarm, there are signs of psychosis”.

According to the website “TV Channel 13”, there are some prerequisites to the assertion that the child’s mother recently tried to commit suicide.

At the insistence of the police, the Israeli court extended the arrest of a woman for another five days. In addition, the Ukrainian woman was sent for psychiatric examination.

Четырехлетний ребенок захлебнулся во время купания в ванной: подробности жуткой трагедии

Earlier it was reported that in the town of Novovolynsk due to a gas leak in his apartment killed 36-year-old mother and her son, who turned a year and a half. Found the bodies of mother-in-law women. She came to the apartment, opened the door and felt the room is very hot and “smell some.”

The body of the deceased woman was in the tub, and her son was on the floor next to him lay his favorite toys.

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Relatives are in a state of shock and claim that the tragedy would not have happened if gas had faithfully done its work.

The fact that this apartment is located in a five-storey building has already been poisoned by carbon monoxide. A few years ago suffered the mother-in-law of the deceased and her son. Then the victims immediately called the employees of the service gas.

“Then it was tested, like the return from the hood or something. So we hood with the column is not included, but we checked everything. She is also the hood is not included, she was in the bathroom,” he told the grief-stricken woman.

Neighbors added that remember the first case which almost became tragic. “No one does anything. Where can they turn to? It’s a horror,” say the shocked tenants.

However, in PJSC “Volyngas” deny their guilt, saying that the problems could be dimmendaal. “Maybe somewhere down the bricks may have fallen headroom. Different can be the reasons”, – experts say.

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As reported Politeka, Kharkov cops found the missing girl in a neighboring country.

Also Politeka wrote that in the Lviv region disappeared, the teenager raised the alarm.

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