Founder of Tinkoff-Bank: “It's a pity that my country has slipped”

 Founder of Tinkoff-Bank: "It's a pity that my country has gone downhill"

The founder of Tinkoff-Bank, Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov wrote a post on social networks in which he said goodbye to Russia, announced that he was “taking away” from Russia their brands, and also expressed confidence that Ukraine will win.

“Goodbye, Tinkoff Bank, goodbye, Russia. I have nothing left in Russia. And this is bad for Russia. It's a pity that my country has finally slipped into archaism, paternalism and servility. There is no Russia, everything was gone,” writes Tinkov.

The businessman continued: “I lost everything, but I did not lose my Soul. I can't easily make money in a country that is at war with a neighbor, killing civilians and children, I don't need any reason! This is EVIL, and I'm on the side of GOOD! I don't know how much I have left to live, but I definitely don't want to die with these billions, but a “bastard, a coward and a schmuck” like 90% of all Russian oligarchs.

Ukraine will win because good evil always wins, that's how we were taught at school!”.

Oleg Tinkov also hinted that he would not return to Russia.

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