Found the most ancient intestinal parasites of man

Найдены самые древние кишечные паразиты человека

Eggs of parasitic worms were present in two coprolites.

Scientists have discovered them in the coprolites, found in the ruins of a Neolithic city Catalhoyuk, in the South of Turkey. Fossilized feces, and sealed them parasites about 9 thousand years Archaeologists have examined ancient human feces and soil samples from graves Dating from 7100-6150 BC

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Pieces of fossilized excrement, known as coprolites, were taken from ancient latrines, and in the case of burials was investigated in soil from the pelvic area, containing the remains of ancient excrement.

Microscopic analysis showed that the eggs of parasitic worms were present in two coprolites. Obviously, the people of the area were infected with intestinal parasite.

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Archaeologists believe that the sharp increase in the number of infections that occurred when the Neolithic people moved from nomadic life to a settled and from hunting and gathering to agriculture. This meant that people become more and they move much less frequently and, as a consequence, more frequent contact with each other and waste their life.

To see the details in the article published in the journal Antiquity.

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