Found the body of legendary trainer: has trained world Champions

Найдено тело легендарного тренера: воспитал чемпионов мира

Legendary Boxing coach was found dead in his home

Andrzej, Gmitruk known Boxing coach, who tragically died. The dead body of 67-year-old mentor found in his house in Poland. The body was discovered by firefighters who arrived on call neighbors.

According to police, the cause of death is not associated with fire.

Найдено тело легендарного тренера: воспитал чемпионов мира

“The house is not burned down, only a plastic table. The cause of death was acute heart failure,” said the officer Marcin Torrent in comments to local media.

Найдено тело легендарного тренера: воспитал чемпионов мира

In the family of the famous Ukrainian musician, a great grief: You are the best and lived a decent life

In Poland, Gmitruk was a true legend of Boxing. He brought boxer Andrzej Golota to a bronze medal in the 1988 Olympics, and Tomasz Adamek — the title of world champion in light heavyweight and the first heavy weight.

We will remind, English athlete Tamsin Drink and her boyfriend Josh kirk died during a fire. 18-year-old swimmer Tamsin the Drink killed during a fire at his home in Coleridge (UK). The second victim of the fire was a 21-year-old athlete Josh kirk, reports the Mirror.

The young athlete died during a fire that broke out on the evening of October 28. Firefighters called neighbors sportswomen who heard a pop and saw smoke. The incident went from thirty firefighters.

Найдено тело легендарного тренера: воспитал чемпионов мира

As previously reported, a famous tennis player died on the 35th year of life. Former member of the Grand slam tournaments and one of the most talented representatives of the generation of the beginning of the century passed away. The media do not explain the cause of the incident, but they say “no suspicious circumstances”. Australian tennis world is shocked by the death of Todd reed, and expresses condolences.

His partner in doubles tennis and the namesake of Todd Woodbridge responded with the phrase “we never know how much people can suffer.”

We will remind, has left the life of legendary athlete whose strength conquered by Sylvester Stallone.

As reported Politeka, died a famous athlete: the tragedy happened during training.

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