Found girls abducted from kindergarten near Kiev

Найдены девочки, похищенные из детсада под Киевом

Law enforcement authorities found the alleged kidnapper.

Monday, may 3, from kindergarten urban-type settlement hlevakha, 10 kilometers from Kiev, unknown persons kidnapped two girls. In connection with the report of an abduction in the capital region introduced a plan “Interception” and the police quickly found the alleged kidnapper, reports the with reference to the Informant.

She was the mother of these girls.

It all started with the fact that the police called the nurse of the kindergarten and reported the kidnapping. Militiamen managed to find the mother with the girls in Boryspil district in the village Bezuhlivka. On the spot, the woman gave police a birth certificate children and divorce papers from her husband, the father of the children.

Militiamen managed to establish that the couple divorced in 2018. Among themselves they concluded an oral agreement that the children are at 4 days with each parent. However, according to her mother, her ex-husband, a resident of Vasylkiv district violated the agreement and took the children into two weeks. His act, she wanted to take revenge on him and this day she took the children from the kindergarten on their own, without informing anyone of the relatives of the biological father of the girls.

Now police officers establish all the circumstances of the incident and find out the legal grounds of stay of children. Of life at the moment threatens nothing.

Near Kiev from the kindergarten children were kidnapped

In turn, the children’s father went to the police with the counter statement that the kidnapping of children is not considered, as it claims to anybody has no.

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