Found evidence of the existence of dark energy in the Universe

Найдены доказательства существования темной энергии во Вселенной

Scientists found evidence of string theory.

According to a new study by researchers from Sweden, our universe could be something like an expanding bubble of dark energy, reports the with reference for a New time.

One of the most common theories, which unites the ideas of quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity is string theory. Bred in the second half of the twentieth century, string theory suggests that the interaction of all fundamental particles their mass and charge determine the submicroscopic vibrations of one-dimensional strings.

The slightest evidence of string theory can make it a Theory of everything that will allow to explain such contradictory concepts as quantum gravity. Proving string theory, scientists can combine different model of physics and to answer her fundamental questions.

But, unfortunately, in the proof of string theory, scientists propose that a huge number of popular mathematical models, each of which has a right to exist, and at the same time contradicted others.

The main stumbling block in many versions of string theory is a larger number of measurements than people can imagine. Known to us three-dimensional space includes length, width and depth (separate conversation about the marking of time as a fourth dimension).

Based on these measurements, we can study the nature of the Universe, and to understand and describe its inexplicable properties — need to identify other, unknown dimension. How many of them, and whether they exist at all — may forever remain a mystery to man.

The key to a possible discovery of a new dimension found in the 1990s when astronomers discovered so-called dark energy — a substance that is responsible for the constant expansion of the Universe since the Big Bang. It is unknown, dark energy is a constant, modified gravity in the Universe macroproceso or dynamic field with variable energy density.

However, the discovery of dark energy made it more complicated for the numerous equations in the solution of string theory that describe the unimaginable number of variations of our Universe.

A few months ago physics from Uppsala University in Sweden published a study according to which the visible universe is a face of the bladder, which consists of dark energy and expanding in other dimensions.

As explained by one of the authors of the study Ulf Danielsson edition of Live Science, models of string theory that describe dark energy do not converge in the mathematical calculations.

“The equations describing string theory, suggests that any universe with our version of the dark energy must quickly disintegrate and disappear. Our idea is to turn this problem into an advantage,” says Danielsson.

Swedish physicists have developed a model in which many Universes expansion caused by dark energy, literally inflates the bubble of many dimensions. Scientists suggest that in this case our universe on the walls of this bubble between dark energy and higher dimensions.

According to Ulf Danielsson, the smallest particles of our Universe are the above mentioned strings that extend to other dimensions.

Despite the fact that such a hypothesis will allow scientists to predict alternatives of development of the Universe, the nature of the existence of black holes and, of course, unknown to us measurements, it is practically no evidence base.

A physicist from Frankfurt Sabine Hossenfelder told Live Science that “it is a mathematical fiction that has no experimental evidence.” “String theorists propose that the seemingly infinite number of mathematical structures that are irrelevant to observe,” says Hossenfelder.

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Such disputes in modern physics — is not uncommon, and it is possible that the following theorists decide to completely abandon string theory in favor of something even more convoluted and inexplicable.

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