Found a link between climate indicators and diseases of the heart and brain

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 Found a link between climatic parameters and diseases of the heart and brain

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Israeli scientists have found links between climatic indicators and diseases of the heart and brain. This is reported by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The study was conducted by Dr. Isabella Karkis. The results were presented at the climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh. They examine the impact of the climate crisis on hospital admissions for heart, brain and peripheral vascular diseases in an urban environment in Israel. It is clarified that data on hospitalizations were collected for 11 years in Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Jerusalem and Haifa. According to scientists, there is a link between climate change and the number of hospitalizations due to diseases of the heart, brain and peripheral vessels in the urban environment, as well as an increase in the number of hospitalizations with fever. The effect has been found in people aged 70 and over, especially in women during the summer season. The influence was more significant in “hot” cities compared to other cities.

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